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Have you ever heard the phrase, “You’ve got to see it to believe it”, well, this is exactly that!

Welcome to Glistening Waters Hotel & Attraction. We are situated along the North coast of Jamaica, and located in beautiful Falmouth. Glistening Waters Luminous Lagoon is known around the world as Jamaica’s only night-time attraction and surely on the bucket-list for many people world-wide. Come out and experience what nature has to show you at this remarkable spot, where you will witness a truly natural phenomenon that only occurs in certain parts of the world.

Bring your friends and family on your next visit to Jamaica and make a point to visit us! Our Luminous Lagoon tour will blow your mind and leave you with wonder and excitement! Bring a swimsuit and experience the wonder first-hand. Come out and visit us late in the afternoon, have a refreshing island drink from our bar along with a delicious meal from the Glistening Waters Restaurant, take in a great Jamaican sunset and then get ready to take one of the most amazing tours that you will remember for a lifetime! Come visit us and experience just what makes Glistening Waters Hotel & Attraction in Jamaica so special.

Easy to find from any hotel or resort on the island, we are centrally located on the North coast and will delight you with our wonderful food and amazing attraction. Contact your hotel front desk or give us a call for transportation. Luminous Lagoon tours start daily at sunset and run for approximately 30-45 minutes. Give us a call or stop by on your next vacation to Jamaica!

Offered at Glistening Waters